Founded by a neurodivergent queer nonbinary person, Kinetic Iris is a custom website development studio specializing in complex and existing websites. 

We are committed to making websites accessible for everyone and bake in accessibility at every stage of the website process. We are here to make lives easier for everyone, from brainstorming to building to management to visitors.

We focus on your entire website, helping move businesses forward, to build momentum and have a website that will stay strong and grow with them. We help bring your message to your audience, and love working with inclusive, progressive organizations doing good in the world.

We work directly with businesses, and we thrive in partnerships with agencies, freelancers, and subject-matter experts to provide their clients with high quality websites.

About the Founder

Danielle Zarcaro (they/she) is a queer neurodivergent human who’s been building websites for over 10 years. After working with different small businesses, online publications, marketing agencies, and design agencies, they could see the trend of these places needing website help, but not having enough need or budget to hire a whole website department.

So they took this information and their experience and set out creating a way to make great websites for those who need it. To be the person you could go to when you needed to trust that the work would get done well. To help those who were tired of bad developer experiences find some relief.

Most important was creating an environment where anyone could thrive on their own sleep schedule and work in a way that allowed for flexibility for any reason, whether that’s neurodivergence, energy levels, emergencies, children, or anything else. 

A good way to distract Danielle from work is to show up with a gadget to tinker with or a puzzle (or piece of furniture) to put together. They love to snuggle their cat, husky, and fiance, and there’s nothing better than putting Dunkin’ hot chocolate in their coffee to put a smile on their face. You’ll often find them awake past sunrise and up in time for the sunset.


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