Founded by a neurodivergent queer nonbinary person, Kinetic Iris is a dedicated custom website development studio with a specialty in complex and existing websites. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure website accessibility for all, and we weave accessibility into every stage of the website development process. Our mission? To simplify lives, from brainstorming to building, management, and beyond.

At Kinetic iris, we zoom in on your entire website, propelling businesses forward, building momentum, and crafting websites that stand the test of time. Our passion is amplifying your message to reach your audience. We revel in collaborating with inclusive, progressive organizations making a positive impact in the world.

We work directly with businesses and thrive in dynamic partnerships with agencies, freelancers, and subject-matter experts, empowering them to deliver top-tier websites to their clients.

The face behind Kinetic Iris

Meet Danielle Zarcaro (they/them), a queer neurodivergent individual with over a decade of experience in website development. After working with diverse small businesses, online publications, marketing agencies, and design firms, Danielle noticed a recurring trend: these entities needed website assistance but often lacked the resources to establish an entire in-house website department.

Armed with this insight and a wealth of experience, Danielle embarked on a mission to provide exceptional websites to those in need. They aspired to become the go-to professional you could trust implicitly with your project, and to offer respite to those who had endured disappointing developer experiences.

Above all, Danielle was determined to create an environment that allowed everyone to flourish on their own terms. A space where flexibility reigned supreme, accommodating neurodivergence, energy levels, emergencies, family commitments, and more.

When not immersed in the world of web development, Danielle enjoys being distracted by gadgets to tinker with or puzzles (and occasionally assembling furniture). They find solace in snuggling with their cat, husky, and fiance, and derive immense joy from spicing up their coffee with Dunkin’ hot chocolate. You’ll often find them heading to bed just after sunrise and awake in time for the sunset.


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