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Get it done right. When you need a solid site that will last, that will grow with you, that is built specifically for you. That’s when you come to us.

Building Complete, Well-Rounded Websites

You need a website that does exactly what you need and that doesn’t cause a headache. We create brand new websites for brand new businesses or businesses looking for a fresh new website in place of their current ones.

We can take care of the design and development, or we can build based on a provided design. And as with all our projects, we make sure to address all aspects of websites, with accessibility the priority. We also make choices and advise on ways to positively impact performance, usability, privacy, security, technical SEO, and overall code quality.

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Huge range of experience

If you can think it, we’ve probably done it. Custom development features, external integrations, eCommerce, membership sites, event calendars and ticketing, and a ton of sites in between. We build in the best way for you, only using plugins and tools we’ve vetted and trust.

Rebuilding & adding to sites

If you have a solid design but it’s your site functions that aren’t working, we rebuild existing websites while keeping things looking similar. We can add on to websites, building new components for existing websites or adding landing pages or even entire complementary sites.

A solid place to start

We build using WordPress and accessibility best practices, utilizing the latest stable features to give you the best experience with the most flexibility. Our custom themes are built specifically for you and are tested throughout the building process.

Need to build WordPress websites for your clients? Talk to us about our agency partnerships.

“Kinetic Iris did a fantastic job building my new website! They made sure that I always understood what we were doing and why. They made sure that I always felt supported, even after the delivery of the site.”

— Rich Coburn, Founder and Director of BIPOC Voices

Where do we start?

The most important part of any website project is the discovery process. The better we can identify your audience, goals, and needs, the better your site will be. So we spend time with you getting to the heart of what will make your site great.

Then we’ll translate that into what will go into your new site. If you have an existing site, this includes going over what’s been working for you and what needs to change. This is also the time to think about new features, ways to eliminate manual work and duplication – the things you’ve been wishing for.

Full and complete access to your own website.

We believe in giving you the tools you need to be successful. And while we do encourage you to have us support your website, we make sure that either way, you have what you need to be able to manage it. We’re not here to lock you into a site you can’t do anything with or have to rely on only us for. As long as someone is following our instructions and taking care of it, you’ll have a great website.

Your Investment

We quote our sites individually based on size of the site, the types of features, functionality, integrations, and automation needed, and timeline. But generally quotes start at $15,000. If you’re looking for a more basic site, our Overnight Website offer might be a better fit.

Schedule a call now, and we’ll talk about your project, your site needs, and develop a comprehensive plan and quote.

The Bottom Line

If you care about the experience your visitors have when they come to your website, you need a development team that will make sure the site has been built with accessibility as a core part of the build. When you’re ready to level up your site, your brand, and your business, you want a website that reflects that.

Featured Case Studies

We care about every website we build and every website we support. Each one is different, with its own needs that we work to fulfill.

BIPOC Voices home page screenshot.

BIPOC Voices

Custom Website Development

A Canadian nonprofit looking to turn an embedded Airtable into a fully functional interactive directory. Needed branding, design, and development.

NQTTCN directory page screenshot.

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

Ongoing Support

A nonprofit with a directory wanting to sort out how their site is working, make some improvements, and squash some bugs.

MSI Healing

Redevelopment & Ongoing Support

A healing and meditation center had an old site that badly needed an update. They also wanted to add some features to the site.

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