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A split view of the BIPOC Voices home page in desktop and mobile.


A Canadian nonprofit looking to turn an embedded Airtable into a fully functional interactive directory needed branding, design, and development. So we got to work building out an integrated, interactive, easily expandable database with endless opportunity for automation.


We worked with the founder to discover the important parts of the existing site and where the focus should be. It was important to give some information and background on the organization’s mission, but the main focus was giving people an easy way to submit and search for works.

We first created a brand identity so we had something to build on and something that would speak to the purpose of the organization. 

Then we turned that brand identity into a website design that would let the content and database be the star of the show. 

And turned that design into an easy-to-update website. The key was not just matching up the existing data and importing it, but evolving that data into something more refined and dynamic.

A split view of the BIPOC Voices inner page in desktop and mobile.
A split view of the BIPOC Voices database page in desktop and mobile.


Since launching the site, BIPOC Voices has been able to update on their own. The founder has been able to play around with different ways to display data, use different data sources, and do all kinds of things to refine his workflow to what best suits them.

And they’re able to do all of that without breaking the site in the process. They’re able to make all the updates they need without needing any kind of development knowledge. And once they’re able to, they can build on the site even more and continue to refine their vision.

They can take this version of the site and actually begin to implement small changes and refinements while they grow the organization and figure out what works for them from a process standpoint. This also is the perfect site for them to take the reigns of while they outline exactly what kind of funding they might be able to find for future website iterations and ongoing support.

“Kinetic Iris did a fantastic job building my new website! They made sure that I always understood what we were doing and why. They made sure that I always felt supported, even after the delivery of the site.”

— Rich Coburn, Founder and Director of BIPOC Voices

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