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A split view of the MSI Healing account page in desktop and mobile.


A healing and meditation center had an old site that badly needed an update. It was important to change as little as possible about the way the site looked, but fix the bugs and issues with how the site was functioning. They also wanted to add some features to the site.

A split view of the MSI Healing internal page in desktop and mobile.


The major focus was going to be implementing a much more user friendly, dynamic calendar. The existing site had a basic calendar, only a calendar view, and a very basic display of events on that calendar. Then we would move on to the rest of the site functionality, then finish up with styling the site.

Core site functionality

Our main goal was to streamline the process for classes, events, ticketing, and the WooCommerce store. We also wanted to integrate as much as we could directly onto the site without leaving, so that meant integrating the subscription form, improving the other existing forms on the site, and making sure any payments were handled directly on the site. 

Then we tackled the improvements needed to the core site functionality. They offer physical products, digital downloads in both video and MP3 form, and bundled products combining all 3 types of products. The dashboard for customers who purchased those digital downloads also had to be organized for easy access, with separate sections for videos and MP3s.

Style Updates

After redeveloping the bones of the site, we set out moving over the syles of the site while keeping the code organized and efficient. We made decisions on what needed to be updated for accessibility and clarity, and what we could keep the same.

Accessibility updates

We increased the minimum font size across the entire site and added clear hover states to links and buttons. The navigation was improved by removing some options and making the account login clearer, and inactive social account links were removed. Improvements to longer pages were also important, so we implemented clear headings, removed irrelevant sidebars, and broke up big blocks of content.

User experience updates

We also decided to improve the footer layout to make the links easier to understand. The gallery page was improved for user experience by removing the external gallery links and keeping the visitor on the page while viewing the images.

eCommerce updates

The biggest visual change was, with so many different types of products, adding categories to the main shop page so visitors can get to where they want to go easily. We made some visual updates to the way the products were displayed to update it just a bit. We also added the ability to purchase gift cards.

A split view of the MSI Healing classes page in desktop and mobile.


We launched their custom WordPress site with no interruption to their existing customers, and gave existing and new visitors a faster, more streamlined experience.

Ongoing Support

With the complexity of their site, it was important to secure ongoing support for the site to make sure everything stayed running smoothly. There would be plugin updates, bugs, and compatibility issues that would inevitably pop up, and integrations would possibly need to be updated. 

They would be handling the ongoing addition of events, managing their store, and sending out marketing and event notification emails. So along with minor improvements and even additional features, they needed someone on hand to help where they get stalled, restore the site, fix or help with issues that they encounter, and handle managing and interacting with the host. So MSI Healing opted to have us handle their ongoing support needs, and we’ve been able to keep the site running smoothly for years!

“We are so grateful to have you supporting the site. You brought us back online and we can’t thank you enough. At a time of need you came through for our family owned small business. Thank you for continuing to provide excellent support.”

— Monique Leiser, MSI Healing

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