National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN)

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A split view of the NQTTCN home page in desktop and mobile.


A nonprofit with a directory wanting to sort out how their site is working, make some improvements, and squash some bugs. We made a plan for reviewing and improving the site without a full redevelopment. The site was working, so the important thing was to keep things running smoothly while making improvements over time.


Once we migrated the site to their own hosting account and secured their own plugin licenses, we reviewed the different features on the site and got a status on how everything was working, how it was set up, and if it needed some immediate attention, future attention, or if it was fine how it was. 

We first spent our time figuring out the ins and outs of the directory. The submission process, how the entries were displayed, and what some of the sticking points were, fixing and refining things along the way. 

Once the biggest issues with the directory were tackled, we turned to looking into opportunities for refining their process. We offered some ideas on how to eliminate some of the manual steps in their processes and reduce time spent on tasks.

We also focused on addressing cross-browser compatibility issues, making accessibility improvements, and giving them the tools they needed to understand how their site worked so they could feel confident in being able to use their own site. 

As with most complex sites, we were also on hand to fix any bugs that popped up along the way. We were able to help them keep the directory display, submission process, multilingual aspect, member area, and all other components running smoothly.

A split view of the NQTTCN directory search results page in desktop and mobile.


We continue to make speed, accessibility, and usability improvements to the site on an ongoing basis. We make sure their site is updated, and that none of the updates cause issues, and we’re here for feature requests and bug reports.

The future is bright for this site as we work to keep all the parts working together optimally and moving it forward.

“We so appreciate the care and skill Kinetic Iris has brought to our site. Thanks for all of the updates and for getting our site to a more user friendly place. I’m excited about the next round of improvements for our site.”

— Erica Woodland, Founding Director of National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

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