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A split view of the Carla Made This home page, the top of the page in desktop and scrolled down to view a featured product on mobile.


An artist with a love for foraging and making needed a site to reflect her style that included a way to sell her seasonal wild foraged handmade goods. She wanted something atmospheric and aligned with the existing branding she had started using.

A split view of the Carla Made This product page, the top of the page in desktop and scrolled down to view a featured product on mobile.


The most important aspect was finding a way to highlight the products. Instead of going the traditional route of a grid of products, we created a custom page template for the different categories of products.

Utilizing an ecommerce solution that was easy to manage and made it easy to add products to these and other pages was key, and after vetting a number of options, we settled on SureCart. We were able to set it up and customize the process enough to fit in seamlessly with our custom theme.

It was also important to create a blog where she could share her knowledge, processes, and peeks behind the curtain.

A split view of the Carla Made This footer on desktop and mobile.


Carla has been able to add products, update pages, review form submissions, and update her list of upcoming events through a synced block.

As she continues through the holiday season and beyond, she’ll be able to focus on making her products and still keep her site updated easily. And we’ll be here to help along the way.

“I’m so glad I had someone to make me a website. I’m able to take it off my plate and do the things I actually like doing, and I don’t have to worry about something happening to it. And I’m able to update and make changes myself!”

— Carla Puorro, Carla Made This

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