Feel supported with a website development partner.

The most important part of having a website isn’t the creation of the website itself, but what you do once it’s launched. Unfortunately, that’s the part that most people skip over until something goes terribly wrong.

When you’re ready to step out of the time suck and hand things over to an expert, we’ll be here. You’ve got better things to do than learn how to build and manage your website.

Help when you need it most

Your website is an integral part of your business. If it goes down, you’re going to find yourself scrambling to try and find a website expert who is available and skilled enough to fix it. We all know finding someone to fix your website quickly can lead to even more issues if they’re unfamiliar with you and your website.

A complete system of support

Every month, we work to make sure your website is as accessible as possible. We also rotate through each category of website maintenance, building and integrating as we go. We give you as much (or as little) information as you want, in a way that you can understand. The better your website is, the more successful your marketing and other efforts are going to be.

Your website matters to us

We take the time to understand how your website works and how it can be improved. If we didn’t build your website, we’ll assess it and build a plan tailored to your website. We’ll run it through our 6-month initial program to make sure everything urgent is taken care of and look into each of the components that make up a solid website.

Need to support multiple websites? Talk to us about our agency partnerships.

Kinetic Iris provides excellent advice and support for our website. Fast replies, fast work, and all done perfectly. I highly recommend them for website development, support, and maintenance.

— Jim Scott, NFC Amenity Management

Where do we start?

If we didn’t build your site, your website will go through our comprehensive 6-month program. We begin with a thorough website audit and an overall site review to pinpoint major issues and high-priority items. 

We’ll also ensure everything is set up correctly, including proper backups, monitoring for downtime, and updating as much as possible.

Ongoing support & rotating focus

Once we’ve established a solid foundation and thoroughly understand your website, we transition it into our long-term support program. Here, we systematically address each category, handling all updates, including content, features, and integrations with other tools.

Some aspects are handled continually, rather than on a rotating basis. For example, we ensure your website is accessible, regularly backed up, and we keep WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date to prevent any issues.


To ensure that your site is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability or assistive technology usage, we address issues detected through automated scans and manual reviews. Whenever new content is added, updates are made, or standards change, we incorporate these changes into our review process. Accessibility is checked on an ongoing basis and is paired with the other rotating areas of focus.


We follow best practices to secure your site and address issues identified through automated scans and manual reviews. We continually monitor for hacks and malware and ensure that any new plugins or changes are implemented securely. Domain security is also a top priority.

Performance, Optimization, and Site Speed

We handle the set up and monitoring of tools to enhance overall performance and look for opportunities to optimize your site and its content. We also analyze page speed scans to improve load times and other relevant factors, and determine the best approach to implement caching for your site – addressing its specific needs to maintain stability.

Technical SEO & Online Visibility

By conducting technical SEO reviews to ensure everything is correctly set up, any issues identified by analysis tools will be corrected, and new content added to the site gets regularly checked.


After adding a privacy policy and any other applicable policies like terms and conditions or a cookie policy, we shift our focus to ensure they are properly applied and updated as necessary.

Design & User Experience

We review your website and make suggestions for improvement. We’ll address any bugs, browser compatibility issues, and other elements to ensure that visitors can use and understand your site seamlessly.

Technical WordPress and Code Review

WordPress-specific elements require thorough setup, review, and optimization. It’s crucial to have optimized, up-to-date, and error-free code in themes and plugins.

Complex and Additional Features

If your website includes complex functionality such as automation, ecommerce, membership systems, events and ticketing, digital downloads, or custom-coded elements, we include these in our rotating areas of focus to ensure smooth operation and update them as needed.

Your Investment

We offer full-service website support, taking care of everything – no need to count hours or check for exclusions. We encourage you to approach us with any questions or thoughts you have, or any updates you need.

We build our support plans based on your site’s complexity, including a plan tailored specifically for Overnight Websites. Schedule a call with us, and we’ll discuss your site’s needs and your monthly investment.

The Bottom Line

We’re here for you. You can always reach out with questions or update requests. We strive to address these promptly and will always communicate with you about anything that may require more than a single month to resolve.

Featured Case Studies

BIPOC Voices home page screenshot.

BIPOC Voices

Custom Website Development

A Canadian nonprofit turned an embedded Airtable into an interactive directory. Design, branding, and development – we delivered the full package.

NQTTCN directory page screenshot.

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

Ongoing Support

A nonprofit with a directory needed site improvements and bug fixes. We swooped in to make their online home shine.

My Account page of MSI Healing.

MSI Healing

Redevelopment & Ongoing Support

An outdated healing center site got a fresh look and new features. We took their web presence to the next level.

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