Your website problems solved with a web development partner.

Remove the roadblocks in your business with a fast, accessible website that does everything you need (and nothing you don’t) – whether we built it or not.

Waiting forever for your site to load? Can’t figure out how to edit your pages? Wrestling with a checkout process that’s as clear as mud? Stumbling on those frustrating “Page Not Found” dead ends? Say hello to Kinetic Iris, your trusted website problem solver.

Whether we’re crafting your site from scratch or riding to the rescue to fix some broken code, Kinetic Iris is here to iron out those digital wrinkles and bring your online vision to life. If you’re ready to say goodbye to those web-induced headaches and embrace a smoother online journey, let’s chat.

Accessibility is an integral part of our mission. When ‘good enough’ just won’t cut it, we’re your go-to team. We build sites with a rock-solid foundation, so you can shine online.

Say goodbye to website-induced stress. No more frantic Google searches or late-night panic attacks. We’ve got your back with a full website care approach – no unnecessary fluff, just practical solutions.

Our mission is to give you a kickass website that works like a charm. We won’t sell you stuff you don’t need, lock you out, or leave you hanging.


Managing a website can be a headache. You’ve got better things to do than wrestle with code. Let us be your website partner. We’ll keep everything running smoothly and help you uncover opportunities to make your website even better.

Three stylized browser windows stacked on top of each other depicting the different phases of making a website.

Want your visitors to have a stellar experience? We build all kinds of custom sites and include accessibility every step of the way. When you’re ready to elevate your web presence, we’re your ticket to success.

We understand how hard it can be as an agency. It’s tough to figure out when to hire devs, who to hire, and how to keep them around. That’s where we shine. We’re on the lookout for agencies and experts to partner with. While you handle your clients, we’ve got their websites covered.

Why should big budgets have all the fun? We’re bringing our expertise and top-tier development to smaller sites. Say hello to Overnight Website, where efficiency, passion, and unconventional sleep schedules combine to build you an awesome websites.

Working with Kinetic Iris was an impressively positive experience. Our requests were always promptly addressed, and every detail taken into consideration. Throughout the process, we felt like we were consistently taken care of. We’ll definitely be working with them again!

— Kevin Hovdestad, Big Blue Sky Games

Featured Case Studies

BIPOC Voices home page screenshot.

BIPOC Voices

Custom Website Development

A Canadian nonprofit turned an embedded Airtable into an interactive directory. Design, branding, and development – we delivered the full package.

NQTTCN directory page screenshot.

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

Ongoing Support

A nonprofit with a directory needed site improvements and bug fixes. We swooped in to make their online home shine.

MSI Healing

Redevelopment & Ongoing Support

An outdated healing center site got a fresh look and new features. We took their web presence to the next level.

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